The Culture Print™ Portfolio

When you start your journey with us, we begin with discovery and exploration through our exclusive Print Finder™ process. During this process, we spend time with your key Culture Creators™, Culture Keepers™, and Culture Consumers™ to identify your organization's unique themes, behaviors, and values that shape your culture and makes your organization what it is.

Following the research and analysis from the Print Finder process, we work together with you and your team to create your customized Print Profile™. Your Print Profile will give you the language, symbols, and descriptions needed to bring clarity and consistency to your culture.

We offer additional customized services to make sure the right steps are taken to develop and reproduce your Culture Print across your entire organization.

At The Culture Print™, we are your partner for this journey and will walk along side you to see your organization reach it's fullest potential.


Print Finder™

This is where everything begins. Through a series of individual interviews and focus groups with your key Culture Influencers, we guide your organization with targeted questions and exercises designed to capture and analyze the themes, images, and values that shape your organization's culture. This data is the baseline for the next step in the process, the Print Profile.

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Print Profile™

After completing your Print Finder™ process, it's time to identify the three markers of your Culture Print: Purpose, Principles, and Pay-off. During a strategic planning session with you and your Culture Creators™, we will review your Print Finder information and build the foundation of your Print Profile. After this session, our team at The Culture Print™ will take the results and build your customized profile. When we finish, you will walk away with your unique Culture Print Profile™ that will put your orgranization on the path to reaching it's full potential.

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Print Proof™

Identifying and articulating your Culture Print is only half the battle. The ability to develop and reproduce culture is what sets apart the best organizations in the world from all the rest. Great culture comes from living your purpose, principles, and pay-off every day, at all levels of your organization. Print Proof™ is a fully customizable partnership that ensures your Print Profile™ is delivered. We'll walk with you and help you develop and implement the tools, trainings, processes, and ideas that will move your Culture Print from words and ideas to action and results. 

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Purpose Finder™ & Purpose Coaching

Designed for individuals, Purpose Finder™ takes you through a personal journey of discovery that will bring clarity of purpose for your life. Through a series of one-on-one discussions, we will work with you to identify your natural talents and gifts, the hot buttons that motivate and frustrate you, and analyze some of your most impactful moments in your life. At the end of this process, you will walk away with your very own purpose statement that will bring clarity and focused direction for your life.

After you discover and articulate your personal purpose, it’s time for your purpose to guide your way in your personal and professional life. The Culture Print can help you do that with personalized Purpose Coaching. Working together with you, we will develop a personalized purpose coaching plan that will help you stay on your purpose track and help you identify and overcome the hurdles that are slowing you down.