Meet the founder

Dan Shurtz - Founder, The Culture Print™

Dan Shurtz - Founder, The Culture Print™

During his entire career, Dan has always been driven by his passion to help others accomplish their goals and exceed their own expectations. With over 20 years experience contributing to and leading organizations in Retail, Real Estate, Marketing & Advertising, and Senior Living, Dan has seen the power that culture has on the success or failure of individuals, teams and entire organizations. It is his desire to help organizations unlock their full potential by helping them unlock the full potential of their people. 

Dan is married to his high-school sweetheart, Serena, who is an entrepreneur herself as the owner of Bleu Hollow Photography, and they have three children, Jackson, Maddox, and Ava.

Dan believes each of us was created for a purpose and that our great responsibility is to discover that purpose and achieve it to our fullest potential. The Culture Print™ was created to help people and organizations do just that.

Seek the best in others and you’ll find it.
Reveal the best in others and they’ll believe it.
Empower the best in others and they’ll deliver it.
— Dan Shurtz, The Culture Print™