The power of culture

Have you ever caught "Lightning in a Bottle"? You know...that moment when everything clicked, the best of everyone rose to the top, and tremendous success was achieved.

When you look closer and take the time to see why you were able to experience such great success, you will find what you were experiencing wasn't just the result of good fortune or being in the right place at the right time. It was likely the result of a clear and consistent culture.

Cultures that are clearly articulated and consistently demonstrated at all levels result in highly engaged and empowered workforces, exceptional productivity and growth, and employee and customer loyalty that are the envy of other organizations. 

Cultures that lack clarity or that aren't demonstrated by the leaders across the organization provide a much different result. The impact of an unclear culture is poor efficiency, a lukewarm workforce, and mediocre, at best, performance. The impact of a dysfunctional culture is far worse, bringing significant losses in productivity and revenue as well as costly employee disengagement and turnover which negatively impact the organization's bottom line. 

Unfortunately, many organizations find themselves in this unclear or dysfunctional culture space. In fact, according to Gallup's recent report "State of the American Workplace", only 33% of American workers are engaged at work. Compare that to the best companies in the world where 70% of the workforce is engaged, it's easy to see that American companies and organizations are fighting an uphill battle to compete and succeed in today's highly competitive environment.

Clear and consistent culture is the secret sauce that separates great organizations from the rest. It's also one of the hardest things for an organization to master. There's good news, however. Your organization can achieve it and The Culture Print™ is here to help.

Our Purpose & Mission

The Culture Print™ exists to help people and organizations fulfill the purpose and potential they were created for. We do that by unlocking the power and impact of an engaged workforce and help organizations foster engagement through discovery, declaration, and demonstration of their unique Culture Print.

We believe the foundation of a successful organization is a culture that engages, empowers, and equips it's people. At The Culture Print™, we bring clarity to your unique culture and arm your leaders with the language and tools required to inspire your workforce to achieve success and increase the impact your organization makes on your employees, customers, shareholders, and the communities you serve.